About Us

HCL is an international development consultancy carrying out technical assistance projects in communities across the developing world.

HCL strives to go beyond project boundaries and approaches each project with vision and innovation.

We recognise the need to bridge the divide between time-bound donor-funded, expert-led development projects and the need for durable, sustainable structures in the developing countries they are aimed at. With that in mind, HCL is interested in creating opportunities for the Private Sector to invest in projects which add value to Donor funded activities and combine funding from Governments and International Financing Institutions.

The HCL Group consists of HCL Consultants Ltd, HCL Management Limited and Pescares s.r.l. The Group as a whole covers a wide range of development consultancy activities carried out mainly on behalf of the principal Donors and International Financing Institutions (e.g. EU, EIB, EBRD, GIZ, World Bank).

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What we value in HCL and those we work with.

  • We remain grounded in reality
  • We create results driven by process with process-influenced goals
  • A human-centred approach is at our core
  • We use strategy as a dynamic tool

COLLABORATION - “One hand cannot clap” (old Sudanese proverb)
  • Starts in-house: we value staff input and encourage initiative
  • We concentrate on strategic and inclusive partnerships
  • We are prompted by a shared vision and principles
  • We view communication as the glue that holds it all together

  • We are quality-driven
  • We put our efficiency to good use
  • We value a practice-based approach over theory
  • We deploy our diverse team to meet diverse needs