Technical Assistance to the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water for Technical Studies and Strategy Development

Improving investment decisions to ensure wider access to water and wastewater services in Egypt.

This project is about:

Provision of technical assistance to the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water and Affiliated Companies to improve their technical efficiency and technical investment planning in the water sector.

Context: Support the Government of Egypt in progressing the reform programme of the water sector, in accordance with the objectives of the National Water Resource Plan 2005-2017 (NWRP 2005 - 2017) as well as the Water and Wastewater Sector Development Policy (WWSDP).
Timeline: 2015 - 2017
  €Contract value: 2,394,750 EUR
Program Purpose and Objectives:

(1) A strategy and a master plan for Technical Losses reduction, through technical losses diagnosis on Affiliate Companies and Pilot implementation on a selected number of ACs;

(2) Improving the HCWW technical efficiency through Technical studies in the field of Improvement the management of Reverse Osmosis brine disposal;

(3) Building capacities inside the HCWW Planning Sector enabling them to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIASs) on brine disposal, and promote the adoption of suitable regulation on this matter.

Services are summarised in the following 4 main components:

(1) Component 1: Technical Losses Reduction Strategy and Master Plan;

(2) Component 2: Improvement of management of Reverse Osmosis Plants Brine Disposal;

(3) Component 3: Updating of the Existing National Rural Sanitation Strategy;

(4) Horizontal Component: Assist HCWW in Public Awareness Raising.

Key Facts:

  • Direct beneficiaries of the TA project, included the planning and O&M sectors of the HCWW and its ACs;
  • Selected ACS to implement the Real Losses Reduction Strategy (RLRS): Alexandria, Damietta, Luxor, Menofya, and Qena;
  • Technical Loses Reduction Strategy will reduce water leakage by 10% which results in saving nearly 900 million m3/year serving around 12 million citizens. This will also save around 100 million EGP;
  • Improvement of management of Reverse Osmosis Plants Brine Disposal will lead to the establishment of new enhanced desalination projects which will secure an additional 1 million m3/day serving more than five million citizens;
  • The Updated Strategy will extend and enhance sanitation services to 40 million citizens to cover all of Egypt. The strategy will also help in increasing the amount of treated wastewater in rural areas to between 5 and 6 million m3/day to be reused in accordance with the Egyptian code for the reuse of treated wastewater.
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