Harmonized electricity markets to improve energy access for African citizens

HCL is supporting the AUC/Department Infrastructure Energy (DIE) to analyse existing regional and continental regulations including assessment of regulatory frameworks and institutions in the African energy sector, through a dedicated assignment: “Legal Framework Assessment Support to the African Union Commission (AUC) in the Development of a Legal Harmonised Continental Regulatory Framework for the Energy Sector in Africa”.

The roadmap for harmonization of the regulatory framework for an integrated pan-African electricity market is being elaborated through a joint initiative of the AUC and the EU. Harmonised electricity markets are the foundation of an enabling environment: regulations bring transparency, which attracts the required investment to boost growthThe ambition is for the AUC to promote cooperation of regulators to formulate a continental strategy and action plan towards necessary reforms, the ultimate goal being an enabling regulatory environment for electricity market development in Africa.

AUC and REC institutions have a strong role to play in enhancing competition within electricity markets. Through the Strategy and Action Plan, they direct, indicate policies, and guide implementation.
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