Please download the CV format on this page, and take half an hour or so to copy and paste your existing CV into it.

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For most clients it is preferable to limit the size of CVs to 4 pages, so you needn't necessarily list all the jobs you have done since you started working; just enough to demonstrate your seniority (for instance the EU specifies work experience of over 15 years for Category I experts).

The most important section is "12. Key Qualifications". Please take time to ensure that your key skills and qualifications are outlined clearly, in bullet point form.

When returning the completed CV to, please enter "CV database" in the message line, and do not forget to send us all your contact details.

Please note that later we may also need copies of your client references or relevant qualification certificates for particular posts so please provide a contact e-mail and telephone number where we may contact you as required.
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